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Projects for physical infrastructures : Server colocation
You can have your servers located in a space equipped according to the law to allow the operation of your server machines in a context of total security. Power supply systems, cooling systems, fire systems, personnel access to the controlled server room, internet connections and backup systems allow you to create the safest system to ensure the best functioning of your machines and to safely store your data .
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Projects for Network infrastructures :
We create networking projects that allow companies to use the system to connect the company's PCs to the local network, to make calls via the VOIP protocol and to have a video surveillance system so as to guarantee the necessary security to their offices and company buildings. .

Our NOC center also performs an additional monitoring service for network equipment and cameras, guaranteeing a timely warning in case of alarms or anomalies of the video surveillance service. You will be notified via e-mail or via an App on your mobile device that can send you images remotely.

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Project Virtual server :
We can project the best virtual solution for your server infrastructure and give you our support for any request.
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Manage virtual services :
We can provide hight availability (HA) and disaster recovery for your critical business applications. That is important for your critical business applications. This is the business continuity.