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TV-Business-Network is the network for building your corporate TV

Video channel for your Business

We work with companies to create a real television that can be used via the internet with a personalized schedule for live broadcasting, or to enjoy content on demand.

For companies, Web TV is a visibility channel present throughout the internet, in social networks, on smartphones and tablets without technological limits.

A Web TV channel allows the transmission of fashion shows, events, presentations live on your company channel and from your website to all your customers both on the desktop and on mobile devices.

The technology behind Web TV (from which WEB-TV) consists in the transmission of an audio / video stream that allows the reproduction of audio and video content without download times. This allows you to broadcast your events live.

Thematic channels :
The television as well as by channels is divided by the topics covered in each of these. The channel thus takes on the new role of index under which to collect each video classified by theme.
The videos are accessible from the web and from smartphones in two modes, "Live" and "On-Demand", leaving the viewer free to choose the day and time to view them.

Contents :
Our goal is to create video content for the customer who wants to have a television presence. For companies we carry out marketing campaigns, commercials, fashion shows, corporate events, fiction, news and news, talk shows in the studio and outdoors.

To whom we turn
The streaming transmission service with a TV channel on the Web is aimed at anyone who intends to increase the visibility of their events and communicate directly with their customers new offers and new commercial opportunities.

Web TV channels what they allow you to do :

• Increase the number of spectators for your events
• Live fairs and events for your customers around the world.
• Put online fashion shows, congresses and conferences in real time.
• Video content for streaming and on-demand mobile devices.
• Training courses for cooking, graphics, programming directly on mobile devices.
• TG-News for your customers directly on the mobile device.